Buy Tires only from Dealers with Modern Automatic Tire Changers

modern tire changer

modern tire changer

So you want brand new bridgestone trading tires?  Buy it from a retailer with modern automatic tire changers.  I wince every time I see manual tire changing.  It sure depletes the life span of your brand new tires.  What you want to see is smooth, efficient, no tire injury tire replacement work on your brand new tires.

Tire changers have been here for some 30 years and there is no reason, no reason at all to have no tire changing equipment in a tire dealership.  It’s like a mechanic with no tools.  Duuuhhh…

A tire changer will remove the air from the tire, will unclasp it from the wheel, will remove the tire from the rim with ease, will be able to replace the new tire on the rim with ease and inflate with ease with no damage to the brand new tire.

And this should all go by very fast for your convenience.  I’ve seen tire changers in racing facilities and they seem to be the same in tire dealerships.

Make sure the mechanics use proper rim lubricating jelly for shooting the tires in the rim.  The are also tire seating air vents at the bottom to seat the tires on the rims upon inflation.  Sometimes you will see a mechanic keep hitting on a tire because it cannot latch onto the rim of the wheel.

Tire changers are non-negotiable, you buy tires only from dealers with tire changers.



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