Bought 4 Brand New Bridgestone Trading Tires 185/70R14 for our Toyota Avanza!

Awesome 4 brand new Bridgestone Trading tires 185/70R14 for our family car.  It is just so refreshing when you change 4 tires instead of just 2.  You get that super brand new car feeling.  The road, the ride, just feels so much better.  And to boot, we got their promo of 2 umbrellas!  Not 1, but 2 umbrellas.  And I got this on 3 months installment at zero how do these new tires look and feel?  My tire review?  Great.  Just comfy great.  Good grip, no skid.  Seems like I also save on gas… better mileage by at least 1 kilometer per liter from 8 kilometers per liter to 9 kilometers per liter.

How I succeeded in replacing all 4 tires at once?  I rotated all my 4 tires regularly.  I put worn out ones at back and the back ones go to the front.  Doing so every couple of months until all were worn out.

How long did the 4 previous tires last?  I’m estimating maybe 50,000 kilometers.  Maybe.  Tire injury is more of a problem with nails on the road puncturing my tires.  Wish tires would be puncture proof in the future.

I had to fight to get brand new wheel balancing weights on my 4 brand new tires.  The lazy tire men said they were out of stock of wheel balancing weights for my steel rims.  I did not accept such lazy attitudes and demanded brand new weights.  So they got some weights from their nearby branch.

Brand new tires, brand new tire valves, brand new wheel weights.  Demand it!



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