Very Cheap Vulcanizing Services for Bridgestone Trading Tire Punctures

Hole in the wall vulcanizing services litter our metropolis.  1 tire man, 1 machine… sometimes no machine.  And the patches they use are well, spartan.  Not even chemical patches, these are rubber patches that need the hot iron machine to cook them in the tire to seal the puncture.  I’ve spoken to these guys and they say that cooking is better than patching with chemicals.

vulcanizing-patch-bridgestone-tradingWhat was amazing is how cheap they can offer this service.  Just barely more than $1.  All that work to jack up the car, remove the wheel, locate the puncture, remove the tire from the wheel and cut out the rubber patch, mount on the cooker, cook the tire and patch for 5 minutes, re-mount the tire on the wheel and re mount the wheel on the car and jack down.

Whew, just typing this should cost much more than that guy’s sweat.  I think it is wrong.  I think vulcanizing should cost more.  But I’m a happy customer, happy to be cheap.  But I gave a 50% tip to the guy anyway.  Thanks for fixing my flat tire.

Maybe they make money elsewhere?


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