How Wheel Balancing Weights Are Properly Used to Balance Bridgestone Trading Tires

Wheel balancing is very important.  Your car will run from 10 kph to 150 kph and you should always feel fine, no disagreeable vibrations… provided that the highway is flat and well maintained.  All your 4 wheels need to be balanced at all speeds.  Out of balance wheels can be very dangerous.  You could vibrate out of whack.

You see, tires are not perfectly manufactured, so are the wheel rims not perfect.  There is an imbalance when these 2 are put together.  You need a computerized very accurate machine to balance the wheels for you.

There are clip on weights and there are stick on weights.  Clip on weights are hammered on the rims of such wheels.  Stick on weights are measured and cut and taped inside hidden.  A very good computerized wheel balancer will tell the technician where to put the weights.

Never chintz on wheel balancing.  A non balanced wheel can be fatal!

Below is a picture of a model wheel balancer.  If your tire dealer does not have one of these, go buy your tires elsewhere!